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Hey, I'm Claire and I head up Oak Street Images. I want to share a little of my journey so you can get to know me and how I do things.

Here's the thing, I didn't wake up one morning, grab a digital camera and get into it. My life has been a pre-cursor to where I am now and that means that your imagery is in safe hands.

I know that getting the right shot takes time, connection and understanding. And probably most of all, patience.


Why I do what I do

  • my happy place01

    the acorn

    As with most creatives, I did art at school.... but it quickly become clear that photography was part of who I was. As soon as I got behind the lens, I felt like I was home.

  • the growth02

    the sapling

    Once I knew that photography was my thing, as soon as I left school I was straight into the industry and did my time at Art School. I worked my butt off in many different positions from being an assistant on a simple photo shoot to manually retouching photos with inks on printed images! It was a baptism of fire and I loved it.

  • it's time03

    the oak tree

    It was an exciting time to begin Frangipani Designs and it felt as though it was a natural progression, rather than a decision. I realised that this was where I was supposed to be. And now, the beautiful Oak Street Images is stretching wide.... I realised that I was ready for the next stage of my business to begin and a new brand needed to appear to support those changes. It's quite literally, onward and upward.

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